Laws of the Game
Level 1

‘You have to learn the Laws of the game.

And then you have to play better than anyone else’

Albert Einstein

Pretty wise fella

Football LOTG: Level 1

So what’s the thinking behind the course? How can it benefit you and your players?

Key aims:

Upskill your players to make better decisions on the pitch

Gain a new pool of referees who can officate over lower age group games

Gain certificate endorsed by Football Associations in Europe

Players can earn money by graduating through referee pathway

Modules include


What constitutes handball? Is there a difference between deliberate and non-deliberate handball? What about the new rule changes?

Fouls & Misconduct

What constitutes a foul? Where are the key flashpoints on the pitch? How do you decide on the severity of a foule tackle?

Signals & Positioning

Read the game better by finding out what the many different referee signals actually mean! Also learn where to stand should you officiate.

When to Show a Card

What sort of misdemeanour results in either a Red or Yellow card? Put yourself in the place of the referee and judge different scenarios


When is a player offside and when are they considered onside? How can you call offside without any linespeople?

Matchday Logistics

Looking to officiate at Junior level in the future? This module will consider the every day scenarios you will have to deal with.

Who will you be learning with?

This course has been built with partners you can trust!

Certificate on completion

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